(Online demo available here. Shockwave plugin required)

Wanna is a project that emerged out of my Distort project.

After becoming comfortable with 3D programming in Director MX, I was looking for a way to engage the viewer directly and (if possible) make them forget they were sitting in front of a computer monitor. Let them start to make their own stories.

While 3D worlds can be photorealistic and beautifully realised, most people are used to things in such a world reacting in idealised ways. For example worlds without gravity, or computer characters that can change direction mid-jump. The addition of realistic physics can be compelling.

The Havok Xtra for Director adds such physics to 3D worlds.

Havok Demo 1

Havok Demo 2

Combining Havok, Track Them Colors and Director 3D enabled the creation of an environment where movement off screen (in the Real World) can influence on screen objects in a physically realistic way.

Please see screen shots below.