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A short film in collaboration with Hisako Hirai, as a result of her email below. Video below email, caution, very loud!

Dear all

I am doing a project. It would be nice if you give me your opinion, suggestion, advice or something. �I know we all busy, so if you don't have time, just ignore this mail.

Focus on a part of the dark side of your soul. Everyone has problems in life. Sometimes people have no choice to close their heart and withdraw into� their own world. You hanging inside yourself its like a bird which wake� up� in the middle of the night. You try to solve your problems, but you� can't� make it better. "Sometimes it happens." You know rules of life, but in that time, you just sink into a deep annoying sea. People try to hide their problems. They can't or do not want to show� their emotions to others. But if we share our experiences, we can� feel at ease. This movies would be help our mind.

Below is a list of feelings. Please look at the list and identify some� of the subjects that you would be willing to discuss� and experiment with me� on. The end result might be an installation, video, photo or just�
something silly and fun.� Please email me back your thoughts.

For example
-fits�(emotional) or outbursts
-emotional violence
-moodiness and mood swings
-obsessions and compulsions
-loneliness and aloneness
-panic and panic attacks
-tiredness and exhausion