Kung-Fu was a personal project that I had been thinking since Christmas 2001. I had seen a some of my younger relations play fighting but adding their own sound effects.

This started me considering a device that could perform the sound effects for the users while they were playfighting.

There was not enough time to create a fully functioning self powered glove in the timeframe of the project, so I concentrated on creating a prototype that would demonstrate the functionality of the device as accurately as possible.

Below are some images of my final object. The final prototype was linked to a G4 Apple Macintosh to enable sound effects to be played.

Above you can see the prototype of the system, including the object, and its control chip system below.

Below is an image of the underside of the the object, showing how the springs movement in reaction to the user's movement will create electrical circuits when the spring touches one of the four contacts within the object.


I am confident that the functionality of the Director code that was used to trigger the sound effects could be re-created in an on chip solution that could be actually be held inside the final product.