Below is the brief for the Heal project (entitled Consuming Monsters).

The service that I came up with was called Heal. It was a service for skateboarders. With the advent of various healing technologies - such as stem cell research and the use of magnetic fields to accelerate bone regeneration, I realised that in the near future people would be able to heal themselves at a speed, cost and quality never before experienced.

I have been interested in the skateboarding subculture in the UK for some time, after conducting several interviews I created a video with some of the most interesting quotes that I gained.

I imagined heal as a service that you could subscribe to, in a similar way to travel insurance. For people who were constantly putting themselves at high risk - such as professional skaters, it might make sense to subsribe for periods of up to a year at a time. But people who only occasionally did the kind of high risk tricks seen in the video above, it might be only worth subscribing for a weekend or even shorter time frames.

The main piece of information that came out of my interviews was the fact that many skaters view injuries as an integral part of the process of learning to skate. Many were hostile to such a pollution of the sport - having the skill to do a certain trick is one thing, but having the confidence to execute in the unpredictable environment of the streets of London is another.