For this project I was working with Shiho.

Our initial ideas centred around particularly violent and dangerous ways to process food - in our opinion the respect needed to deal with such potentially life threatening devices was lacking from present designs.

Below is one of our ideas for a machine that would process food. It would work by the user throwing food at the rotating blades hard enough to force the food item through - to be collected by the cup at the bottom of the mechanism.

We decided to move on to other ideas after the initial crit, although I still feel it would make an interesting centrepiece to any modern kitchen.

I became interested in precision cutting techniques. Namely Laser and Water cutting. I hoped to utilise some of these methods in our final prototype.

To investigate the power of water, we invested in a water rocket and tested it in nearby Hyde Park.

Below is the sphere design which we decided to develop into the final prototype.

The pipes on the right are for the in and out flow of water to the object. Please see the images below for the interior of the final object.


The water in the final object would be forced through the array of outlets seen above.