I recently returned from a two week placement at Fabrica in Treviso, northern Italy.

In my time at Fabrica I helped get the latest issue of Colors magazine on the web, I completed several experiemental pieces with Director MX and the new iSight from Apple. Finally, I spent two weekends in Rome, getting the United People video messaging project working with a Sunday afternoon TV Show, "Buona Domenica".

Rome camera phone pictures.

DSC07350.JPG DSC07355.JPG DSC07356.JPG
DSC07358.JPG DSC07359.JPG DSC07360.JPG
DSC07362.JPG DSC07363.JPG DSC07364.JPG
DSC07366.JPG DSC07367.JPG DSC07368.JPG
DSC07369.JPG DSC07370.JPG DSC07371.JPG
DSC07372.JPG DSC07373.JPG DSC07374.JPG
DSC07375.JPG DSC07376.JPG DSC07377.JPG
DSC07378.JPG DSC07384.JPG DSC07385.JPG
DSC07386.JPG DSC07387.JPG