The Physical World is Unforgiving, More Eurion, DNA from Parent to Child and Building Rural Networks in Somaliland

“Facebook. Twitter. Snapchat. Pinterest. Every day, you hear about another successful startup by kids who are just out of school, or even still in school. Hardware is different. You never hear about a new team successfully making a high-performance microprocessor.”

Dan Luu on why making new microprocessors is hard.

I’ve been fascinated by the Eurion symbol for some time. More research on security in banknotes.

“I suspect we will not understand the rise in neuropsychiatric disorders or obesity, diabetes and metabolic disruptions generally without taking a multigenerational approach.”

Turns out memories may be transmitted through generations via DNA. Via Stewart.

Building a Mesh Network in Rural Somaliland. Mesh FTW!

Hillbilly Tracking, How to build a Mind, Six Landscapes and Policing the Romantic Crowd

The annual Chaos Communication Congress has just finished and it was full of good. My highlights:

Travis Goodspeed – “Hillbilly Tracking of Low Earth Orbit”. Also an interesting because of PostgreSQL as a way of sharing data between many different small applications or daemons.

Joscha Bach – “How to Build a Mind – Artificial Intelligence Reloaded”. He believes that the building of AI’s should be a big cultural project – and that Companies and organisations will be AI’s in the end.

Trevor Paglen – “Seeing The Secret State: Six Landscapes”.

Richard and Anne Marggraf Turley – “Policing the Romantic Crowd”.

“Both live 20k north of Aberporth, Wales, UK, where Europe’s only test facility for civilian and military drones is situated”.

10 Seconds of Extreme Trading, Gou Miyagi, Dishonest Politicians and Francis Bacon

10 Seconds of Extreme Trading. Via Jody.

Gou Miyagi via Iain Tait.

The world is a much safer place now than in previous years. In the 1980s, the threat was total annihilation of the entire world, and today, it’s some terrorists blowing up a vehicle. Yet, politicians deceptively and dishonestly justify endemic mass surveillance by the world being “more dangerous”.

Rick Falkvinge on politicians.

Dangerous Minds on Francis Bacon and his struggles with chance.


A Common Bridge, Superiority and a Sculpture on the Moon

Microsoft releases a common bridge for Kinect.

A new Laser truck, but as The Register says:

However, El Reg suggests the boffins in the military read Arthur C Clarke’s short story Superiority – which is on the reading list for industrial design students at MIT, and describes the dangers of such advanced weapons systems. A highly visible laser truck is going to be the first thing any enemy will want to take out.

The story of “The Fallen Astronaut” – the first (and only) art on the Moon.

Maurice Benayoun and Parrhasius, November 22 1963, Mr. Huxley and Maps

Maurice Benayoun thinks that Parrhasius was the first Interactive Artist.

I’ve always been fascinated by JFK, Errol Morris and Tink Thompson are too. I remember doing a fifteen minute presentation on the assassination when I was at IBM before Imperial. I even had a pointer.

A stabilised shot.

John Naughton writes in the Guardian on “Aldous Huxley: the prophet of our brave new digital dystopia”. Which reminded me of Stuart McMillen’s comic adaptation of Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death. You can find the original comic here.

I loved drawing maps as a boy, of treasure and dens and labyrinths. The Workers have just created a delicious website for the new book “Where You Are” by Visual Editions.

This is what immortality looks like, What is Wrong with the Modern World and Why Go to the Moon

This is what immortality looks like. Is that what all actors desire? All of us? As Bill wrote – “All the world’s a stage”. Do we just want to be noticed? VHX distributing again – they keep picking up great films.

Jonathan Franzen wrote an essay on what is wrong with the modern world that stirred up several responses. Ironically, his original piece has been taken down as the Guardian’s copyright has expired.

This is why China is going to the moon.


David Deutsch on AI, How Britain Could have Invented the iPhone, Meteor and all about ASM

“The very laws of physics imply that artificial intelligence must be possible. What’s holding us up?”

David Deutsch talking more interesting on AI.

I honestly hope NESTA can get better. A lost opportunity at best.

I have been seeing many more Meteor mentions recently. Alliteration Genuine FTW.

Another side of JS, ASM from Mozilla for commercial web gaming.