Material Language of Computer Hardware

Joel Gethin Lewis

RCA, Material Language, Visual Communication MA, Thursday 9th November 2017

Material Language of Computer Hardware:

  1. The Jacquard Loom and Joseph Marie Jacquard
  2. The Difference Engine and Charles Babbage
  3. The Analytical Engine and Ada Lovelace
  4. The Turing Machine and Alan Turing
  5. The Economic Computer and Bill Philips

The Jacquard Loom

The Difference Engine

The Analytical Engine

The Turing Machine

The Economic Computer

  • Located on Science Museum level 2: Mathematics: The Winton Gallery.
  • William Philips invented it in 1949. The idea was to use water to represent money as it flowed around the economic system. Valves could be opened or closed to represent variable effects, such as the rate of interest on savings or investment. Graphical curves, describing things such as the way interest rates varied over time, could be cut into plastic sheets and physically ‘read’ by the machine as it operated.




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