The Future

Joel Gethin Lewis

AHO, Oslo, Friday September 6th, 2019

The future is augmented.

Open source, web based, augmented reality for all, see Mozilla WebXR.

Image from research by Ilia Solov’yov and Klaus Schulten.

The future is a Hyperobject.

Global warming is a Hyperobject. It’s everywhere around us, but we can only see its lower dimensional effects.

See Timothy Morton. Image by Paula Dawson.

The future is off-grid computation.

What happens when a computer works for 100 years? What kind of code would you make? Why? See Raspberry Pi and Pi-Juice.

Image: Harvest by Julian Oliver.

The future is the same stuff, but rotated.

Image by Dhiru Thadani.

The future is weird and eerie.

A way of thinking about the future that lets us "see the inside from the perspective of the outside"
 - Mark Fisher.

The future is thread based.

Weaving as the beginning of computing and crochet as a window into non-euclidean hyperbolic space.

Image by Gabriel Dawe.

The future is the commons.

Re-establishing both digital and analogue commons.

Image by Jonathan Olley.

The future is Borgésian.

"The composition of vast books is a laborious and impoverishing extravagance… A better course of procedure is to pretend that these books already exist, and then to offer a resume, a commentary... More reasonable, more inept, more indolent, I have preferred to write notes upon imaginary books."

The future is work free.

The freedom to choose what you want to do.

See "In Praise of Idleness" by Bertrand Russell and Rutger Bregman's book - "Utopia for Realists".

The future is playgrounds.

See Aldo van Eyck’s playgrounds in post war Amsterdam - to give space to the imagination of adults and children.

We must make more playgrounds.

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