Fixing bugs in the beta version of the suite

After making the first version of the full suite, I duplicated the project and set to work on ironing out bugs. I added the title of the Reactickle that is currently running to the back button which allows you to return to the menu screen.  this.updateButtonText = function(textToAdd){ this.title = textToAdd+”\nClick to return to Main […]

KeyboardSquares and KeyboardFountain with Matter.js

The original KeyboardSquares can be seen above – on key presses the larger square broke up into smaller squares and flew apart, as well as changing colour. It was a relatively quick port to create, based on previously ported Reactickles. One sticking point was making sure that the larger square was always centred – even […]

Fixing the the springyness of Circles

As my first post of 2017 I decided to revisit the three most recent Reactickles ports that I made at the end of 2016: KeyboardSpringyCircles MouseSpringyCircles KeyboardBouncingCircleGrid This is how the previous interaction looked in the original Reactickles: And this is how it was looking in my original ports: I.e. much too linear and constrained. […]

Making KeyboardSpringyCircles, MouseSpringyCircles and KeyboardBouncingCircleGrid

My first Reactickle for today was KeyboardSpringyCircles, which can be seen at 2:31 on the video that Wendy shot: I started by duplicating KeyboardScalingCircleGrid, then creating a new SpringyCircle object: function SpringyCircle(){ //SpringyCircle object var circleMinRadius = 100; var circleMaxRadius = 200; this.colour = color(random(100),50,100,50);; //random hue, saturation 50%, brightness 100%, alpha 50% this.radius = random(circleMinRadius,circleMaxRadius); this.position […]

KeyboardWorm and MouseWorm

After talking things through with Wendy yesterday, I moved on from KeyBoardScalingCircleGrid to KeyboardSnake. Wendy pointed out the multicoloured background wasn’t necessary for this version – so I could concentrate on making the interaction work with a single colour for the snake. I decided to change the name to the slightly more friendly KeyboardWorm. I began […]