MVP, A-Frame, the entity component system pattern, how to display the sculpture, augmented reality and backend choices

I’ve been looking for a framework that will allow me to start prototyping this project – trying to get to a Minimal Viable Product as soon as possible. The above image illustrates the concept well. Henrik Kniberg (the creator of the above image) goes into more detail about the idea in this blog post. Quoting from the […]

Bringing Reactickles to the web

I’ve started work on Reactickles 3 with Wendy Keay-Bright. Here is a film of a previous version: Reactickles 1 and 2 were interactive applications written in Director that were combined with a kit of paper based activities and used around the world. I’m going to convert the old software to the web using p5.js and as yet unselected […]

The beginning

This post marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life, as an independent artist and designer. The first project I am embarking on is a research and development project for the British Council in response to their UK-India 2017 Digital Open Call. I’ll be working on this first stage of the project in […]