Current Status of the Sculpture

Unfortunately, the project didn’t win the competition: We are collaborating w/ @aardman on unique project #SaptanStories, a giant game of consequences played across India. #UKIndia2017 — British Council Arts (@BritishArts) February 28, 2017 However, I am still developing the project and concept and would be very interested in repurposing it for another country, or even […]

Final changes to the demonstration files for user testing

Dietrich Ayala added click and drag functionality to the project, via the Click Drag component, so after merging and pulling his changes to my local project folder, I installed it via: npm install aframe-click-drag-component –save I also edited my demonstration page for the project to make it much clearer which pages should be used for user testing […]

Making my first A-Frame Component

Following Kevin Ngo’s advice, I decided to make a new component to allow me to modify either the landscape, ocean or mountain component’s material’s side property to allow them to be viewed from below. I started by creating a new file, material-side-modifier.js in my /src/js folder: AFRAME.registerComponent(‘material-side-modifier’, { //dependencies: [‘yourlandscapecomponent’], // Or wait on an […]

Adding the sculpture to a panoramic image

Today I’ve been working on adding many different A-Frame components to the panoramic image I shot of my studio. First, I created a new .pug file combining the terrain-model component by Ben Pyrik with the studio panorama: doctype html html head meta(charset=’utf-8′) title A-Frame Terrain Model Component with Panoramic background meta(name=’description’, content=’A-Frame Terrain Model Component with Panoramic background’) script(src=’build.js’) […]

Adding Browserify to the project

When looking at both the HeightGrid Component by andreasplesch and the Terrain Model Component by bryik I noticed that both referenced a project called Browserify. Browserify lets you require(‘modules’) in the browser by bundling up all of your dependencies. In other words, you can use Browserify to include lots of different JavaScript components and package them up into one JavaScript file that can then […]