Session 11: Crystal Wifi, John Dee and Vittsjö

Previous to the session in Goldsmiths I checked in with Jules via Skype as she’s currently out of the country. She’s currently pushing on her dissertation before moving onto Hammer.js and OSC integration. I emphasised that it’s critical to get all technical connectivity issues out of the way as soon as possible. We found the […]

Session 10: More Crystal Growing, Digestion as Computation and Speech Synthesis

We began the tutorial with Jayson’s homework from the last session: Continue to experiment with Experiment with LEDs in the crystal growth structures and computer case – wax protection? Clingfilm? Send dissertation proposal and bibliography Send over the narrative of the space Speak to Theo about your concerns about computation relevancy Since the last tutorial, […]

Session 8: Fleming, Markov Chains, Lore and 3D Printing

We started by going through Dianne’s homework: Keep thinking on question for dissertation What is the installation? Bioinformatics of the Biome? Speak to the Wellcome trust collection what do they have on the biome? What apparatus? Even just the glassware collection. Contact the Science Museum – about their work on the Biome. Meet with William […]

Session 6: Insights into the Gut Biome, Modern Love Tales and Crystals

We started the session by going over Dianne’s homework: Her top ten insights into the gut biome Can she source Agar in large quantities? What existing microscopy equipment can she get access to at Goldsmiths? She supplied the following insights: “Recent studies demonstrate that gut microbes directly alter neurotransmitter levels, which may enable them to communicate […]