Handwritten Oblique Strategies, Sony CCD’s, Gravity Waves, Tommy Flowers and Doing

The original hand-written Oblique Strategies from 1974. Via Richard Kadrey. New Sony CCD’s. Gravity waves in Venus’ atmosphere. “After the war, Flowers was granted £1,000 by the government, payment which did not cover Flowers’ personal investment in the equipment and most of which he shared amongst the staff who helped him build and test Colossus. […]

Self-Knowledge Impregnator, 40 Maps, Music Genres and El Topo

I’ve recently been reading Stewart Lee’s excellent autobiography/self critique “How I Escaped My Certain Fate”. It’s great. One of the best bits wasn’t actually about Stewart, but rather the genius that is Simon Munnery and his “Self-Knowledge Impregnator”, deployed at the Cluuub Zarathustra. I won’t ruin the joke, just read. Bonus! Plagarism, in both directions. Double […]

Raspberry PI Motion Detector/Photo Frame, Face Substitution in JS, Cool Tools Book, Light Table is open source, Open Source Match Moving

Building a living photo frame using Raspberry-Pi, by Samuel Clay. Face Substitution in JS by Audun Mathias Øygard via Stephane Allary. I read about the Cool Tools Book success with interest. I’ve always wanted to do a super thick magazine on low quality paper with just tons and tons of open content – Wikipedia articles, TV […]