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The latest fun with Python.

“The works in the show are the result of a computer algorithm written by Lund. By analysing and categorizing a wide range of artworks, by the most successful contemporary artists, a set of instructions were generated explaining, step by step, how to make the most successful works of art. The artist then simply made the work following the instructions. In The Fear of Missing Out, important categories from the art world such as authenticity, artistry, talent, and creativity are questioned. The title also refers to the urge to be a part of a transparent information society made up of an overarching digital network.”

Fear of Missing Out by Jonas Lund via Honor Harger.

Twitch, the Long Dark, JauntVR and Cloaking

He is sitting in front of these white shoji screens which, along with the florescent lighting, make his freshly-shaven face look pale and cratered. “It’s a really good feeling,” he says, stuffed up and swallowing in pain. “There is nothing standing between me and my goals.””

Twitch is exploding. Is this the future of television?

“I’m going to break all the stereotypes. I’m not going to be polite. I’m not going to be bashful. I’m just going to say, fuck it, I’m Canadian. This game is Canadian. Deal with it.”

Videogaming is maturing to a new level of artistic intent.

Jaunt is making the gear that will create the next kind of cinema.

Cloak is an app helps you avoid people.

Vivian Maier, Using Images for Game Logic and Intelligence should be done by the Public

This was created in dedication to the photographer Vivian Maier, a street photographer from the 1950s – 1990s. vivian’s work was discovered at an auction here in Chicago where she resided most of her life. her discovered work includes over 100,000 mostly medium format negatives (90% of her work), thousands of prints, and countless undeveloped rolls of film.”

Why do we do things? To live beyond our lifetime? Would Vivian have been happy about this? Should we respect her right to be forgotten?

De-making Zelda. I used to use images for logic and other things while I worked at UVA. It’s a great technique.

Turns out CIA isn’t better at predicting the future than members of the public – in some cases substantially worse. I think it’s time for us to seriously think about the future of our intelligence agencies – most of their work should be public – Ted Barnett thinks so too.

Under the Skin, Multiple Cameras, Framestore, The Path to the Metaverse

One Of Us is a Soho based studio founded in 2006 by co-directors Tom Debenham, Dominic Parker and Rachael Penfold. The company ethos is one of creative intelligence applied through filmmakers’ sensibility, with a focus on design and collaboration.”

As well as doing VFX work, One Of Us have made the One-Cam, which was used by Jonathan Glazer to film “Under the Skin”.

The Making of “Voyeur”, an advert by Glazer for Nike.

An installation by Mike Woods of Framestore has certainly got The Next Web excited.

“…this has the potential to be the breakthrough for cg to take over all media…”

Abrash AND Carmack?


“…presence could tip the balance of the entire industry towards computer entertainment – and towards the pc…”

Here comes the Metaverse.