Making KeyboardSpringyCircles, MouseSpringyCircles and KeyboardBouncingCircleGrid

My first Reactickle for today was KeyboardSpringyCircles, which can be seen at 2:31 on the video that Wendy shot: I started by duplicating KeyboardScalingCircleGrid, then creating a new SpringyCircle object: function SpringyCircle(){ //SpringyCircle object var circleMinRadius = 100; var circleMaxRadius = 200; this.colour = color(random(100),50,100,50);; //random hue, saturation 50%, brightness 100%, alpha 50% this.radius = random(circleMinRadius,circleMaxRadius); this.position […]

KeyboardWorm and MouseWorm

After talking things through with Wendy yesterday, I moved on from KeyBoardScalingCircleGrid to KeyboardSnake. Wendy pointed out the multicoloured background wasn’t necessary for this version – so I could concentrate on making the interaction work with a single colour for the snake. I decided to change the name to the slightly more friendly KeyboardWorm. I began […]

Completing the p5.js tutorials

In my previous post, I completed the following tutorials from the p5.js website: Hello p5.js Get Started p5.js overview First, I fixed smart quotes in said previous post, then got on with the next tutorial, p5.js and Processing aka Processing transition. Several parts of the tutorial were particularly interesting or relevant to the Reactickles 3 project: The ability of […]

Final changes to the demonstration files for user testing

Dietrich Ayala added click and drag functionality to the project, via the Click Drag component, so after merging and pulling his changes to my local project folder, I installed it via: npm install aframe-click-drag-component –save I also edited my demonstration page for the project to make it much clearer which pages should be used for user testing […]