Wabi-sabi, Lateralisation of Brain Function and 77Boadrum

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese concept, based around the beauty and perfection of the natural imperfection of nature, and how to incorporate that into man made objects, buildings and places. Lateralisation of brain function is the concept of the left and right sides of the brain having divided functionality – something as a left hander I […]

Claremont and the Troll Wall

A truly astounding descent. One of the most innovative ads of the year. I believe this is the location, after scouring the comments. View Larger Map This lead me to recall the rush of seeing the below video for the first time – via EveryoneForever, but now, from Vimeo. Thanks to Wikipedia’s BASE jumping entry, […]

Tim Brown, Burt Rutan and John D. Carmack

Tim Brown on creativity. Many of the concepts/methods explored in this talk are particularly empowered by the use of Open Source software to implement the services, tools and experiences described in this talk by Tim Brown. Burt Rutan: Entrepreneurs are the future of space flight. It’s staggering to me that both the Concorde and Blackbird […]