KeyboardSquares and KeyboardFountain with Matter.js

The original KeyboardSquares can be seen above – on key presses the larger square broke up into smaller squares and flew apart, as well as changing colour. It was a relatively quick port to create, based on previously ported Reactickles. One sticking point was making sure that the larger square was always centred – even […]

Building Every Where

Every Where allows anyone to add augmented reality content to their environment.   Example use cases: Museums: After digitising their collection, museums could use Every Where to display it in the local area surrounding their building – or place it at any location in the entire world. For example, the British Museum could display the Rosetta Stone at […]

Current Status of the Sculpture

Unfortunately, the project didn’t win the competition: We are collaborating w/ @aardman on unique project #SaptanStories, a giant game of consequences played across India. #UKIndia2017 — British Council Arts (@BritishArts) February 28, 2017 However, I am still developing the project and concept and would be very interested in repurposing it for another country, or even […]

Session 6: Insights into the Gut Biome, Modern Love Tales and Crystals

We started the session by going over Dianne’s homework: Her top ten insights into the gut biome Can she source Agar in large quantities? What existing microscopy equipment can she get access to at Goldsmiths? She supplied the following insights: “Recent studies demonstrate that gut microbes directly alter neurotransmitter levels, which may enable them to communicate […]

Fixing the the springyness of Circles

As my first post of 2017 I decided to revisit the three most recent Reactickles ports that I made at the end of 2016: KeyboardSpringyCircles MouseSpringyCircles KeyboardBouncingCircleGrid This is how the previous interaction looked in the original Reactickles: And this is how it was looking in my original ports: I.e. much too linear and constrained. […]