Butterflies, Batteries and Grids, Building and Acquiring and Mouse Furniture



Tesla is a battery company!

Google are building and buying. As well as remixing classic old adverts. Finally, Invite Media were a critical purchase – I always think of Google’s secret plan being the biggest classified ads company in the world.

Finally, I tracked down the company that made all the furniture that I grew up with, Mouse! Such brilliant whimsy.

Cosmic Sounds, Time Machine Orchestra, PTA and Canon

I was listening to the Interstellar soundtrack recently – great work from Roger Sayer – who is resident at the Temple Church in London. Watch the making of on the DVD if you can – great characterisation of the breath of all those artificial voices coming together and some really proper bass.

Grumbling Fur are a great band and they’ve been doing some recordings under the name of “The Time Machine Orchestra“.

Skip the first 10 minutes, but the rest is a great interview with Paul Thomas Anderson.

Thanks to Conor Gibson for the tip. Bonus РLarry Grobel interview Рthe Playboy interviewer for much of the 70s.

The Vignelli Canon Рfor free! A great book from the master of typography Рyou only need twelve typefaces according to this article.