Non Incremental Change, Vortex Surfing, The Arrow of Time and What Happens When Vine Starts Streaming Live?

Burst of notes by me: If you want to do non incremental change you have to use the tools of tomorrow. Big data with computer vision is it. Clothes matching apps are just the start. Guardian today. Most of the public can only handle little ideas incremental. Technologists reject too. Intel and Motorola rejected it. Programmers rejected it too. Object orientated that weren’t […]

Twitch, the Long Dark, JauntVR and Cloaking

“He is sitting in front of these white shoji screens which, along with the florescent lighting, make his freshly-shaven face look pale and cratered. “It’s a really good feeling,” he says, stuffed up and swallowing in pain. “There is nothing standing between me and my goals.”” Twitch is exploding. Is this the future of television? […]