Boys 2 Men, No Power Anywhere, The Ness of Brodgar

Being a man.

I think the scariest thing of all is that there isn’t an overarching world conspiracy, rather that no one is really in control. Rory Stewart agrees:

“But in our situation we’re all powerless. I mean, we pretend we’re run by people. We’re not run by anybody. The secret of modern Britain is there is no power anywhere.” Some commentators, he says, think we’re run by an oligarchy. “But we’re not. I mean, nobody can see power in Britain. The politicians think journalists have power. The journalists know they don’t have any. Then they think the bankers have power. The bankers know they don’t have any. None of them have any power.”

A neolithic site that may be more important than Stonehenge, The Ness of Brodgar.

Handwritten Oblique Strategies, Sony CCD’s, Gravity Waves, Tommy Flowers and Doing

The original hand-written Oblique Strategies from 1974. Via Richard Kadrey.

New Sony CCD’s.

Gravity waves in Venus’ atmosphere.

“After the war, Flowers was granted £1,000 by the government, payment which did not cover Flowers’ personal investment in the equipment and most of which he shared amongst the staff who helped him build and test Colossus. Ironically, Flowers applied for a loan from the Bank of England to build another machine like Colossus but was denied the loan because the bank did not believe that such a machine could work. He could not argue that he had already designed and built many of these machines because his work on Colossus was covered by the Official Secrets Act. His work in computing was not fully acknowledged until the 1970s.”

Tommy Flowers. Designer of the world’s first programmable electronic computer, the Colossus. Quiet British genius.

“If we’re already going to go through the trouble of doing something, then let’s do something that no one else can do.”

Good words from Errolson Hugh.

Self-Knowledge Impregnator, 40 Maps, Music Genres and El Topo

I’ve recently been reading Stewart Lee’s excellent autobiography/self critique “How I Escaped My Certain Fate”. It’s great. One of the best bits wasn’t actually about Stewart, but rather the genius that is Simon Munnery and his “Self-Knowledge Impregnator”, deployed at the Cluuub Zarathustra. I won’t ruin the joke, just read. Bonus! Plagarism, in both directions. Double bonus! How to do stand up.

40 maps that explain the world.

Automatically generated new music genres.

Phrases that Pay, Kerbal Space Program, Jaguar Shoes, SLA

The phrases that pay on Kickstarter.

Kerbal Space Program looks great. xkcd’s advice about it, if you work at NASA.

Fusion propulsion IAmA on Reddit. Is IAmA the future of interviews?

“Like The Wickerman sacrificing Bill Oddie to the gods of Countryfile,” Jaguar Shoes said, “Hand of Glory is a pop-up pub that unites a collective of artists in a disquieting, but colourful exhibition of British folk culture.”

New Folk bar in Dalston.

The Pegasus Touch is an SLA 3d printer that looks promising. Things are getting very interesting in the 3D printing space, with several key patents expiring soon.