Computer Graphics and Art, Mannequins and Airbags


COMPUTER GRAPHICS & ART is a new international quarterly of interdisciplinary computer graphics for graphics people and computer artists. This new periodical is aimed at students, teachers, people from undergraduate and graduate institutions, researchers, and individuals working professionally in graphics. Its topical coverage is broad, embracing a variety of fields. It is useful, informative, entertaining, and current.

Great post on a fascinating magazine from the 70’s on the always ace Triangulation Blog.

Insane article on what cheap plastic surgery is doing to Venezuelan mannequin design.

I really want a Hovding airbag for cyclists. Definitely better for Dyspraxics.


A Real Hologram? Joseph Campell and The Scared is Scared

I would very much like to see one of these Philips/RealView systems in real life. I don’t think it’s a high resolution Pepper’s Ghost – as the user reaches into it. More a version of the Mirascope – a clever Parabolic Reflector. More videos here.

Thanks to Jonathan Harris for recommending Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers in conversation. Well worth watching.

Double thanks to Jonathan for recommending “The Scared is Scared” by Bianca Giaever.

Computer Vision for Profit, CCTV as Broadcast and the first Superbike

The Chyron Corporation are the guys using Computer Vision to augment live television. Sports is the obvious low hanging fruit.

How long is it before CCTV becomes  a broadcast channel or genre of itself? Perhaps it already has with Big Brother and the like. Truth is the killer app.


The Brough Superior was the worlds first superbike. Lawrence of Arabia’s motorcycle of choice. The brand has recently been resurrected.

Startup School, Meraki, Acquisition instead of Innovation?

 yCombinator just posted all its videos from Startup School 2013.. Including the Jack Dorsey talk that I posted earlier.

Meraki was a company that grew out the Roofnet Project at MIT to make wireless meshing and networking easier. They were acquired by Cisco, and now have turned full circle to supply MIT with wireless networking.

How can it be cheaper for companies just to acquire rather than innovate? Shouldn’t have Cisco spent $1.2 billion on R&D instead? WPP is another company that behaves in a similar way – instead of trying to understand a new generation, they just bought Vice.