Three African Cities, Aeon, Calico

Three interesting African cities: Lagos Cape Town Nairobi These are the three places I’d set up media nodes in Africa if I was so inclined. They’ve all got great music and tech scenes. Aeon Magazine is a new publication about “nature, culture and ideas” from Mag Culture. “MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – September 18, 2013 – Google today announced […]

Quicktime is Turing complete, Mega Man, anonymous but accountable discussion and TOR Usage

I remember my first job at UnitedVisualArtists was to make a Quicktime reader for D3. Turns out Quicktime is Turing complete! The creator of Megaman is making a new game on Kickstarter. “The Dissent project is a research collaboration between Yale University and UT Austin to create a powerful, practical anonymous group communication system offering strong, provable security guarantees with reasonable […]