Samurai Gunn, Thumbor, Spy Kids and Upstream Color (sic)

Samurai Gunn just looks like a whole heap of fun. In contrast to the usual wealth of weapons and bullets, just a sword and three bullets. iOS multiplayer please? Multi-platform multiplayer?

Thumbor is a smart imaging service. It enables on-demand crop, resizing and flipping of images.

It also features a VERY smart detection of important points in the image for better cropping and resizing, using state-of-the-art face and feature detection algorithms (more on that in Detection Algorithms).”

Great article by Charles Stross on why the youth of today are the NSA’s nightmare of tomorrow – or now.

I can not wait to see Upstream Color. Even if Shane Carruth can’t spell colour.

Lasers, Lauren McCarthy, Laura Poitras, Sterling and Umwelt

The always lovely and talented Seb Lee-Delisle has posted some updates on his work with lasers.

Lauren McCarthy has made a hat that gives you electric shocks if you aren’t smiling.

How Laura Poitras Helped Snowden Spill His Secrets from the New York Times.

From Beyond the Coming Age of Networked Matter by Bruce Sterling.

The Wikipedia definition of Umwelt, and xkcd’s.

Hyperloop, Bin Tracking, Black Ink, WebGL mouseovers and Mobile Meterology

Elon Musk has announced his Hyperloop.

A company in London has been tracking peoples mobile phones through sensors hidden in bins.

Instead of trying to emulate older painting techniques, Black Ink has gone completely digital and harnesses a bit of generative magic to allow for new creations that could only be made digitally.

 HTML5 rollovers. You can always tell when a web technology is mature.

A brilliant use of mobile phone battery consumption to work out the temperature of a city.

Levitation, Procedural Cities and Ben Jack

The ever amazing Mike Harrison has posted the above amazing video on acoustic levitation. Mike’s business is called White Wing Logic – he’s done consulting work for companies like UnitedVisualArtists, Cinimod Studio and Jason Bruges Studio.

How to make a Procedural City in 100 lines of code – from Jerome Etienne, based on code by the ever awesome Mr. Doob.

A recent trip to London Zoo left me fascinated by the processes behind coral formation. My old favourite, Cellular Automata are perfect for the job. Horrible enclosures for the Gorillas though.

Kart Analysis, Quickfire, Meta AR and Space Glasses

Not Cart Analysis – Kart Analysis!

Dave Pacheco posted a fascinating article on how he analysed many hours of Mario Kart 64 playing at his office to gain some insight into such a classic game.

The most interesting thing for me wasn’t the subject matter, but rather the thought of doing large scale Computer Vision based analysis in the cloud.

In the new BBC News 24 countdown video that they use on the hour, half hour and quarter hour, I noticed an email to an strange address – “Quickfire”. What is Quickfire? Turns out it’s an application made by a company called Media219 Ltd:

“Media219 was involved in producing the flagship BBC Quickfire application for filing and displaying text from mobile devices.

News is filed via email or text and the system enables much of the information to go live with little or no production process.

It was used very successfully during the Chilean Miner’s Rescue and provided depth to the story that would not have been achieved otherwise.”

Meta seems to be the augmented reality company that many people think Google Glass is. Space Glasses are available for pre order now.

Funk Logic, Godel, Turing and Cantor and Von Libre

Via Barry Threw – the amazing Funk Logic make the perfect studio gear to impress people with – lots of knobs and buttons, but no actual effect.

Gödel is awesome – part of a wider essay about Gödel for startups.

Any … formal system capable of expressing elementary arithmetic cannot be both consistent and complete

Vol Libre from Loren Carpenter.

I found “Von Libre” from Loren Carpenter after watching “The Pixar Story“. I love how everyone was recruited in such a relaxed way. Who is the Pixar of today?

Her, Inequality for All, Only God Forgives, OMNI and Arc

Her is from the always interesting Spike Jonze – I remember seeing his photographs back in the 90’s in the best magazine of all time, Grand Royal.

Robert Reich on the problem of inequality, and how to speak truth to power.

Only God Forgives is upcoming from the director of Drive – Nicholas Refn.

Omni, the classic SF magazine, has been rebooted. Arc is a peer – from the makers of New Scientist.

Planning, Physical Modelling, Occulus and Hawken


Kubrick on planning:

How much planning do you do before you start to shoot a scene?
As much as there are hours in the day, and days in the week. I think about a film almost continuously.

Eitan Grinspun does a lot of work on Physical Modelling – adding physical properties to three dimensional geometry in order to simulate them more effectively. Don’t fake it, make it! Via Tim Greatrex.

Oculus have made the greatest CTO hire ever – John Carmack. Cue hilarious PR battling between the companies he left. I love how he summed up his time now:

“My time division is now Oculus over Id over Armadillo. Busy busy busy!”

Hawken is a completley free to play game. We’ll be seeing more of these. I’d love to try it with an Oculus.