Mr Doob, Berg to Fabrica, Remixing Headers and Machine Learning for Google Images

Mr.doob (@mrdoob) 28/05/2013 18:18 A little experiment I did for @XOComm exploring how many interactable particles 2d canvas could handle. Bonus: π. Also including works by Marius Watz, Joshua Davis, Kyle Mcdonald and Casey Reas. Berg have launched Sandbox: Sandbox — for institutions and companies to figure out what connected products mean for them. Remix your JPG’s online […]

Glam Media, KPCB Trends, Dropcam and Constraint Programming

Glam Media Is Huge! Bigger than Wikipedia or Apple. The only Internet properties with more US users are Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Yahoo. Via Mary Meacher’s Internet Trends. Glam Media was partially founded by Susan Kare, creator of all the Apple Macintosh’s most iconic(?) icons. Dropcam lets you just start streaming video. Broadcast is changing. Using […]

Self Storm Troopers, Strongbox, Neurodiversity and Snowfall

You can make a Stormtrooper of yourself. The New Yorker has made Strongbox – a way of securely submitting information to their journalists. Being diagnosed as being Dyspraxic and Dyslexic while I was at the Royal College of Art was one of the most significant moments of my life. An interesting article on Neurodiversity. Can […]

Meditation via Binocular video streaming, Airware, Drone Orienteering, Sector Nine

I’d love to meditate using binocular video streaming. Imagine orienteering with such a system? Or a game of it? A team game? Airware is raising cash: @dreamstake 15/05/2013 15:08Airware, A Startup That’s Helping Bring Drones To The Masses, Just Raised $10.7 Million –… And building the software and hardware to enable to people to […]

I’m sorry Mr. Dunne, I didn’t understand.

I graduated from the Interaction Design MA course (mmm bit-rot) at the Royal College of Art in 2003. After I left, the course was renamed to Design Interactions and taken over by Anthony Dunne of Dunne and Raby. I didn’t like it. Just when hardware platforms and computer vision and interaction methods were getting really cheap, […]