Critical Engineering, Tarik and Marek, Duration and Upstream Color (sic) on VHX

Below I repost the Critical Engineering manifesto in full: The Critical Engineering Working Group Julian Oliver Berlin, October 2011 Gordan Savičić Danja Vasiliev THE CRITICAL ENGINEERING MANIFESTO 0. The Critical Engineer considers Engineering to be the most transformative language of our time, shaping the way we move, communicate and think. It is the work of […]

Understanding git, the truth behind the Harlem Shake, the ratio of Seed to Leech and Bitcoin Mining as an Environmental Disaster

@pornelski 25/03/2013 14:10 “They say git gets easier once you get the basic idea that branches are homeomorphic endofunctors mapping submanifolds of a Hilbert space.” What a lovely description for Git! It also led me down a rabbit hole of definitions. @memotv 29/03/2013 16:11Truth behind the harlem shake, an internet meme created by marketers. Memo tweeted recently […]

Kinectic Sculpture Racing, Bicycles for the Mind and Cryptologs

A kinetic sculpture race is an organized contest of human-powered amphibious all-terrain works of art. The original and longest race is held annually since 1969 in Humboldt County in far northern California. Participants compete for three days over 42 miles of land, water, sand, and mud. Other races are held annually in locations throughout the […]